Violent Or Abusive Patients

The practice will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour
Anyone verbally abusing either a member of staff or the public, or using inappropriate language will be asked to leave the premises and requested to find another GP.
Anyone who is violent or causes damage will be removed from the list immediately.

Suggestions and Complaints

A suggestion box provided in the reception is for you to place any written comments or suggestions to improve the service we provide. If you prefer you may discuss your suggestions/comments in private with the practice manager.If you wish to make a written complaint it will be acknowledged in writing within 48 hours of receipt. Any medical issues will be passed onto the doctor for comment.

Change of Details

It is the patients responsibility to inform the surgery of any changes to their medical records, change of name and address ETC.
The patient should also inform the hospitals of any changes in view of any referrals which may have been made on their behalf.

Equal Opportunities

The practice aims not to discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, age, disability or sexuality.

Access to Information

The practice stores information on computer to prepare prescriptions, arrange appointment’s, and recall data such as cervical smears ETC. Under the data protection act 1998 we are obliged to keep your data confidential. Test results will only be given to a patient, unless prior written authorisation has been given to disclose to a third party. Staff are required to treat your information in the strictest confidence Failure to do so can result in dismissal. We undertake medical research at the practice and use anonymised data analysis. If you object to your data being used this way please write to the practice manager who will ensure your data is not used

Choice of Practitioner

Patients registered with the practice rather than individual GP’s. However patients may wish to be seen by a practitioner of their choice. Where a patient wishes to exercise this right, the patient may have to wait longer to see their preferred practitioner.
The patient may be asked to accept and alternative if, for example, a service required is delivered by another professional member of the practice . Patients will be asked in writing if they have their preferred practitioner at the time of completing an application to join the practice, though they may also express this wish verbally.

Chaperone Policy

Please Click Here to Download the Chaperone Policy