Sharing Your Medical Information

The benefits of sharing your medical information?

So that health and social care professionals directly involved in your care have access to the most up-to date medical information about you. This allows the professionals caring for you to more fully understand your needs and means you only have to tell your history once. Additional benefits are:

  • Faster and easier access to up-to-date medical information which could save lives
  • More secure than paper based access to medical information
  • Supports the improvement of the safety and quality of patient care
  • Enables safer delivery of emergency care

How do I share my medical information?

If you would like to share your medical information please compete a consent form and hand it to the receptionist at the surgery. Consent forms can also be obtained from reception and are included in all new patient registration packs.

Patient Consent Form to Share Medical Records

What information will be shared?

This data sharing reference guide shows how your medical information can be shared with your permission.

Data Sharing Reference Guide

What if I decide I no longer want to share my medical information?

If you have consented to share your medical information and change your mind please inform a member of staff at the surgery who can make the necessary changes to your electronic GP records, so your medical information is no longer shared.

 Privacy Notice